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Speaking of American Jews, most people know Hebrew alphabet and how to read their Siddur. Many even understand more or less what they are reading. After all, you are reading it day after day, month after month, year after year... well, that depends on how often you go to your shul, of course.

From the other hand, fewer read newspapers on Internet in Hebrew, or capable to conduct a fluent conversation with an Israeli. Although willing to learn Hebrew, few adults have time for this; free lunches are rare these days, and good books and classes usually cost money and even worse, classes take your precious time (which you can spend much more productively playing golf with your friend Jerry, going to drinks, or just kvetching.)

This web site comes to fill the gap. At least, it will try to. Learning materials are free, but please respect the intellectual property of You can help us by spreading the word about this web site.

Although Hebrew grammar is a topic we can write volumes about, we'll try to make the lessons as practical as possible, rather than scientific-only-linguistics-professor-can-understand thing. Still, we'll try to cover more than a typical "

Good luck !בהצלחה

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