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Hebrew 101

מבוא לשפה העברית

This section provides some basic material you probably remember from your Hebrew school, such as Aleph-Beth, handwriting, meaning of the nikkud, and so on. This section can be useful source of material for kids (and adults, well) who just started their Hebrew classes from scratch.

Right now this section includes:

  • Hebrew Alphabet - a little more details about what the letters are and how are they related to European alphabets.
  • Diacritic system in details (including a brief overview of cantillation marks.)
  • Matres lectionis - i.e., originally consonant letters used to indicate presence of a vowel.
  • Hebrew scripts, what they are, and the details of handwriting.
  • A table of Hebrew scripts.

Even in the era of Wikipedia and Google, I'm pretty sure that there is never too much of learning materials. With the time more useful stuff will be added to this section.


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